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25 Years
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In 2012 Velimpex Marketing, Inc. celebrated 25 years of providing exceptional marketing and design services to our clients in the United States, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, and all around the world. At Velimpex, we take a creative approach to help market your business and products through advertising design, photography, videography, press release writing, web design and much more. Our mission is to increase your brand awareness and get you more sales!

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Our Services

Photography, web design, press release writing and more – We will do what it takes to increase your brand awareness and create a unique identity for your business that will put you ahead of the pack in your industry. 

Identity & Branding

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Web Design

We design beautiful responsive websites and iOS apps focusing on design, content and a great user experience.

Video Production

Custom, professional video production to highlight your business, products and services. 

Copy Writing

If you’re like most people people, you probably loathed writing essays in school. Whenever you need content for your website, a professional press release, or a newsletter typed up, let one of our professional writers do the writing for you!


Photography is one of the most important elements to raise brand awareness and display your products. Our team has highly talented photographers that have been working professionally in the industry for years.

Ad Design

Elegant and eye-riveting ad design for print, web and mobile devices. 

Internet Marketing

There’s nothing more important than getting your business found on the web. Let us help create an internet marketing campaign for you through the use of SEO, SEM, blogging and other effective strategies. 


Marketing is the key to any successful business. Let us help your growing company develop and execute an effective marketing plan. 

Let Us Work For You!

Getting the right marketing strategy for your company can be challenging. Designing a beautiful website, getting professional photos, writing press releases – it’s all a lot of work. If you need help with any aspect of your business please feel free to contact us and let us know what we can do for you and your growing business.

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The Velimpex Team

Tom Petrie
CEO & Founder

Tom Petrie is the CEO and founder of Velimpex Marketing. Tom is charge of overseeing production and making sure goals are met, and customer satisfaction is achieved. His hobbies include bicycling, woodworking, fishing and hiking. 

Andy Frothingham
Copy Editor

Andy Frothingham is in charge of press releases, copy writing and managing/reviewing content for all marketing campaigns. His hobbies include mountain biking, skiing and hiking. He once successfully shaved his beard using a butter knife.

Sean Lara
Creative Director

Sean Lara is the creative director for Velimpex, and graduated with an advertising degree from Cal State Fullerton. Sean manages all creative aspects for marketing and advertising campaigns. His hobbies include photography, fishing and auto sports. Once, he learned how to win the internet. 

The Dog

Maggie deals with all unsolicited sponsorship requests and customer complaints. Her hobbies include, eating, sleeping and chasing rabbits. It’s rumored that Maggie is so smart, she actually learned how to speak human English, but conceals her secret so she can live a humble life.

Conrad Tapia
Marketing Coordinator

Conrad is in charge of coordinating marketing campaigns and strategies with our accounts. The ideas he produces for marketing campaigns are always unique and exciting. His hobbies include bicycling, playing guitar, watching TV and cooking. He once wrestled a bear armed only with a bowl of cereal. 

Kathy Cain
Bookeeper/Office Manager

Kathy has many years of bookeeping under her belt and makes sure all of Velimpex’s funds are neat and in order. She’s been working for Velimpex for just over 20 years and knows how to efficiently run an office! Her hobbies include bicycling, marathon running, gardening and spending time with her family. She once directed a rap video for 50 Cent. 

Our Portfolio

Over the years we've had the opportunity to work with many clients from around the world. Photography, social media marketing, image branding and more - we do it all! Check out some of the work we've done for some of our awesome clients over the years.

Our Clients

  • Vittoria
  • Trelock
  • Selle San Marco
  • Specialized
  • Connex
  • Effeto Mariposa
  • Cantitoe Road
  • Cantitoe Road
  • Bianchi


Joule 3 Demo Video Popular on Youtube

One of our clients, Cantitoe Road, sells a unique product called the “Joule 3 Dynamo Hub” from Biologic. This specialty bicycle part allows the user to generate their own power from a bicycle wheel to power a headlight, tail light, or even charge an iPhone! With our extensive knowledge and experience in the bicycling industry, […]
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